pyrol – organic insecticide

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(Application Rate = 1 x 250 ml bottle makes 6 – 12 liters)

  • Broad-spectrum insect control
  • Kills all stages of insects, including eggs, on contact
  • Biodegradable – animal & environmentally friendly
  • Non-toxic for use on crops, citrus and edible flowers
  • Low residues – can be sprayed up to day before harvest
  • Treats: aphids; beetles;caterpillars ;ants; mealy bugs; mites; leafhoppers; scale; whitefly; adelgids; plant bugs; fungus gnats; thrips; sawfly larvae; psyllids; spittlebugs; and phylloxera.

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Weight .260 kg
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 5 cm


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