ONIONS: White Sweet Spanish (Slab)

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These heirlooms onions have pearly white skin and sweet, mild flesh.  Onions are one of the riches sources of quercetin, the most powerful anti-oxidant for keeping your skin wrinkle free.

1 Slab = 4 people = 1 month supply* (*avg.)

  • LIGHT : Full sun
  • SOW: Spring, Autumn (see sowing chart)
  • HARVEST: 17 – 25 weeks
  • TYPE: Open pollinated Heirloom. Non-GMO.

ONIONS LIKE TO GROW OUT WITH: Lettuce, leeks, beetroot, strawberries, tomatoes

*For good germination – always store your seed in a cool, dark, dry place


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  1. TOP GERMINATION: Our seed has one of the highest germination rates on the market.
  2. NON-GMO SEED: We sell open pollinated, heirloom seed varieties.
  3. SPECIALIZED SEED FOR VEGETABLE GARDENING: All our designer heirloom seed collections grow edible plants.
  4. HEALTHIER PRODUCE: All our seed products come pre-packaged with organic trace minerals which are absorbed into your crop, making it much healthier to eat.
  5. 100% BIO-DEGRADABLE:  All our products (including our packaging) is environmentally friendly and bio-degrades into earthworm food.
  6. SOW SIMPLE – Each seed collection is designed with you in mind to make sowing seed easy and ‘sow’ much fun.  Easy sow – easy grow.

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