EXOTIC TOMATO Planting Chocolate

  • SLAB GROWS: 120+ tomatoes (10+ per plant)
  • LIGHT : FULL SUN: 8-10 hours
  • SPROUTS IN: 12 – 20 days
  • HARVEST: 9 – 11 weeks
  • SEED TYPE: Non-GMO – Open pollinated – Heirloom
  • GROWS 3 HEIRLOOM VARIETIES: Black Krim, Green Zebra, Pineapple
“Heirloom” tomatoes have the most profound food heritage, as they have been protected and passed down for generations and their pure genetic lines can trace back to the first tomatoes discovered in ancient South America hundreds of years ago!

    I chose these beautifully unusual heirloom tomatoes for this slab because I just love the dark maroon colour and rich, smokey flavour of the Black Krim, exotic stripy lime and yellow skin and intense, rich, salty flavour of Green Zebra and blushing pink and soft yellow stripes formed on the beautifully fluted sweet & mild flesh of the Pineapple tomato.

basil, gooseberries, lettuce, onions, peppers, spinach

This ‘Planting Chocolate’ will grow you a whole garden of exotic heirloom varieties of tomatoes. These descriptions give you a taste of the wonderful harvests you can look forward to:

  Black Krim is a medium-sized, very dark maroon beefsteak tomato with brown/green shoulders that get darker with more heat and sunlight.  It has a wonderfully rich flavor and originated in Crimea, a peninsula in the Black Sea .

Pineapple tomato has beautiful yellow and red striped fruits that show the same colors inside when you cut them open. The fluted flesh has a flavor that is rich and sweet and the meat inside has few seeds and more solids. They strong vines producing an abundant crop of very large tomatoes, up to 900 g each.

Green Zebra’s skin is bright green with lime yellow stripes and has very rich tasting, sweet and valvety flesh with a sharp bite.  It is ripe just as the green fruit develops a yellow blush, accentuating the darker green stripes. It is known as a modern heirloom.

DID YOU KNOW? Heirloom Seed has been protected and passed down the generations. It is the purest seed on earth with exceptional taste and nutrition. The award winning trademarked ‘Planting Chocolate’ only grows heirloom vegetables & herbs



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