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  • LIGHT : Full sun
  • HARVEST:14 – 16 weeks
  • 12 BLOCK SLAB – 1 BLOCK GROWS: 15+ Eggplant fruit
  • SEED: 100% Heirloom *Non-GMO – Open pollinated
  • GROWS 3 VARIETIES: Listada de Gandia, White Casper, Long Purple

asian greens, cucumbers, chillies, peppers, spinach

This Slab of Seed grows 3 different exotic varieties of Aubergine.

Long Purple is an Italian Heirloom that has a milder, more delicate  flavour than regular eggplants. The dark purple fruits are best used before they are 15 – 20cm long and each plant produces 8 or more long eggplants.

Casper is a medium size, very attractive, smooth white eggplant that has a very mild mushroom-like flavor.

The Listada de Gandia eggplant was introduced in southern France around 1850. Considered one of the most beautiful of all eggplants for its rich purple striping on creamy white skin, growing a graceful teardrop fruit that can grow up to 15cm long. Its mild white flesh is delicious and sweet with absolutely no hint of bitterness.

DID YOU KNOW? Heirloom Seed has been protected and passed down the generations. It is the purest seed on earth with exceptional taste and nutrition. The award winning trademarked 'Slab of Seed' only grows heirloom vegetables & herbs



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Dimensions 19 × 10 × 1.8 cm


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