Pallet vegetable garden

My Pallet-able Garden


Spring has sprung & as the seedlings peep out, raising their little hands in the playful breeze, beautiful earth slips on her apple green sundress, weaves popcorn blossoms through her hair & sprays on her favorite perfume, the unmistakable scent of dew mixed with heaven. It is a perfect day to plant my pallet garden.

 ‘SOW SIMPLE‘ by Vanessa

Vanessa's version

Soil preparation


This is the first and most important step.  The soil will stay underneath this pallet for many a season and so filling it with goodness is important. I mix 50% soil with 50% well matured animal manure & sprinkled over 1 cup of volcanic rock dust and 1 cup of earthworm castings.

 *I love the Afmine range as it is totally organic even down to their hemp bag packaging – awesome!

Select a spot2 – SELECT A SPOT:

I chose a spot next to my house that gets wonderful morning sun but soft shade from the trees in the afternoon that will protect my leafy salad garden from the strong afternoon sun which causes my greens to turn bitter.  I sprinkled a layer of mulch over the area where I put the pallet, to help retain water.

Placing the pallet3 – PLACING THE PALLET:

My wonderful husband & daughter adapted my pallet & hammered extra planks along the sides so that the soil does not pour out and cut a hole for the inspection pipe, sticking unconventionally out of the ground.  This double pallet will be able to hold an abundance of green delights to nourish my family.

Filling pallet with soil4 – FILLING UP:

I carefully filled the gaps between the pallet planks with soil and pushed it softly underneath the wooden strips so that the roots have room to grow laterally.  The wooden planks help retain water by minimizing evaporation & create lines to plant perfect straight rows of green goodies.

Watering the pallet6 – ADD WATER:

The area beneath the pallet is very shallow so it is important to keep it moist.  Water it well before you plant your seeds.  The mulch underneath and the planks on top will help with moisture retention but water it more often than the rest of your garden especially if you place your pallet in full sun.

Planting the pallet6 – CHOOSE YOUR PLANTS:

The pallet garden works best with shallow rooted vegetables like your leafy crops or herbs.  I am filling mine with a bouquet of heirloom lettuce, Chinese cabbage, Swiss Chard and garlic, which is a good companion plant to leafy greens.


Lettuce soupBought lettuce can contain a lot of toxins and pesticides due to its high surface to weight ratio – scary since I eat this food to keep healthy. A pallet garden is the perfect way to grow organic, healthy leaves in abundance.  I am also going to plant garlic in between, which is a natural pest repellent, so as to avoid spraying my crop with toxins.


Gorgeous goodies for my pallet garden

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3 Responses to “My Pallet-able Garden”

  1. Neen September 30, 2013 at 8:20 am Permalink

    Brilliant! We found a deserted industrial side with loads of old pallets… think we will have to visit to start ourselves a pallet garden with our raised beds! Thanks!

  2. Marilize July 19, 2015 at 8:24 pm Permalink

    Hi there, how do you know if the pallet has been treated and if it’s safe to use for veggies?

    • Vanessa @ Sow Delicious July 22, 2015 at 6:18 am Permalink

      Hi Marilize – Normally pallet wood is not treated and is safe for planting veggies in but because of this the soil micro organisms also biodegrade the pallet faster. Just remember to water more often as the soil is shallow and dries out faster.
      Have ‘sow’ much fun

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